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I offer three different types of in-person experiences, in addition to virtual dalliances. I encourage you to trust your instincts on which is best for you. No offering is better than the others, they are simply different. Whichever you choose, know that I bring the same level of presence and connection into all of my encounters.
Intimacy coaching or Tantra can be added to any experience of 2hrs or more, just mention it in your booking form.


"The world is ours..."

If you’re the kind of person who wants it all, this is for you. The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience.

Allow me to cater to you and all your desires. This is where all your dreams come true. 


1000/ 1 hr

1500/ 1.5 hrs

2000/ 2 hrs 

2500/ 3 hrs 

3000/ 4 hrs 

4000/ 6 hrs

5000/ 8 hrs

7000/ 12hrs 
10,000/ 24 hrs


You may inquire about longer dates


"Surrender to My Hands..."


This is your time to melt in my hands and luxuriate as the center of my attention. Allow me to take over and take you to another world. Having trained for many years in massage therapy, I’m an expert in using my hands to heighten your senses and pleasure. It’s a full-body experience--and when I say “full-body,” I mean that I use most of my body on most of yours! I invite you in this experience to explore my body with your hands.

I love mutual touching.

$800/ 90 (minimum)

$1000/ 2hrs


"Everything But..."

Are you ready to take your sensual massage experience up a notch? This experience allows us to explore even more areas together, as we broaden our senses and involve more of our bodies in the mix.

It’s not quite companionship…. It’s everything but!  


800/ 1hr

1200/ 1.5hrs

1600/ 2hrs 

2000/ 3hrs 



  • For longer dates for all experiences please inquire via email 

  • Couples add $200 an hour for all experiences



In the time of Covid-19, staying connected is important. If I’ve already had the pleasure of getting to know you, let’s not let that friendship fade! I’d love to stay connected to you. Or maybe you’d like to meet but can’t due to the pandemic. This is a great way to begin our adventures together.

$300/ 30 mins

$400/ 60 mins

$500/ 90 mins

I do not provide shows, Zoom dates are meant to be the spark that starts a connection or keeps our connection alive.


Want me to come to your city? Or do you desire a travel companion on your next adventure? I’m here for it!

I’m available all across the United States for a 4-8hr minimum

(depending on the location) plus airfare and travel.


Please email me with details of what you have in mind and I will send you a quote.


  • In-person dates need to be made at least 24hrs in advance. I will only be seeing 1-2 people a week for everyone’s safety and I will be spreading my dates out. My availability is very limited.

  • Screening is non-negotiable. If you do not provide screening information on your booking form or intro email it is likely that I will not respond.

  • I have a cancellation policy that will be sent to you before you send your deposit.

  • Dates over 3 hours must include a meal.


A 25% deposit is required to secure your booking regardless of the length of the session. 


  • Fbsm and Fbsm-Plus sessions can be hosted at a discreet incall in Palo Alto while I'm in the Bay Area

  • For companionship dates in the Bay Area, you will need to host, or for a $300 location fee, I am happy to set up accommodations for us. The location fee applies to all sessions.

  • While I'm in other cities I usually have an incall but it varies

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