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As a part-time resident of Maui, I always bring a laid-back, tropical vibe to each date. My natural terrain is the beach, where you can find me laying in the sun or playing in the waves.
My specialty is the Girlfriend Experience.  To me, GFE goes beyond any specific act... it means my entire approach to the time we’re together. 
When we meet, I want to make you feel like the warm breezes that caress my soft, sun-kissed skin.
From the moment our eyes lock, you will feel me showing up for you fully, with my complete presence and attention.
Feel yourself immersed in the energy of two humans connecting at the soul level. 
Lana Sequoia
Moving my body is one of my deepest joys, particularly through dance and yoga. I live a clean, healthy and active life. Nourishing my mind, body and soul on the daily. 
People have told me again and again that I’m the most sensual woman they’ve ever met.
I adore invigorating my senses with anything that makes me feel truly alive, and I want to share this passion with you. The world is truly ours!
We can co-create an experience that’s lavishly luxurious, or simply opt for a cozy evening in. 
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